To simply say, I have a strong desire to relocate to another country and I am ready to give a contribution to the one that hire me but not all the companies. The company and I should have a good match and we have to grow. I must keep developing my skills, and companies must have profits as well as long term plans. I learned this ownership through the planning of my business in the past. Currently, I made my decision and the reason for the relocation is mentioned below which are related to Korean society and I do not like disgrading things so only the fact would be written without my opinion as possible as I can.

1. Retirement as an Engineer at age 40~45.

All engineers must be become a manager when they become certain age; otherwise, they must quit the company even though they have potential to contribute to the growth of the company (People care ages so much). This indicates that people here generally focus on developing management skills than engineering skills (This includes almost all industries including Samsug R&D center): Seniors manage, juniors work. Due to this, we have serious brain drain rate amongst the world and many smart people transit their job to other recognized field in Korea.

I would like to retire as an Engineer, not a manager and I feel depressed if I think about I must find alternative job than Engineering and work from 40 throughout 65. It is true that all career has an end when they reach certain age, but 45 is too young.


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2. Drinking culture

“Drinking is part of work” said by managers and CEOs in Korea, which means employees needs to attend MANDATORY gathering after work, forced to drink alcohol and be sitted until very late night in middle of the week. This goes at least once or twice per month within busy schedule. It could be positive that chatting and building a relationship with people is fun, but employees are forced to drink even though they are unable to drink because of the convention we have.

Personally, I am not a heavy drinker, and sometimes I feel tired to drink. However, I had to attend the gathering forced to drink alcohol even though I feel sick. We record high alchol consumption rate over Russia.

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3. Cannot voice out our opinion

Korea, strong hierachy soceity, does not allow whistle-blower in company. No matter what is being asked from the seniors including the one that are not related to work at all (ex. regular coffee deliverer), juniors must accept it because we do not have say-no culture. Those who claim this forced to pull out of the team/company from higher ranked officers.