I have been carried out a number of official/personal projects in embedded system platform/application, android, networking/cryptography, and web. Some of them will be introduced below.

Personal Project

QT analog and digital clock

Target: Study Qt libraries and implement analog clock and stop watch timer
Period: 23rd July, 2016 - 23rd July, 2016

clock ui clock_design

Open Project - Hackathon

Target: Designed simple hardware and implemented software
Period: June, 2016


Website publishment

Target: Established personal website to share knowledge with others, to publicize my work.
Period: 23rd April, 2016 - 1st May, 2016

For a Documentation, goto HERE

OLD Projects ( ? ~ 2016)

Platform A

Target: Implemented interface for 3D graphics, and modified BSP drivers (including uboot) to run HW accelerator from higher layers, patched and merged BSP and kernel source.

Platform A

Platform B

Target: Board bringup and BSP porting into a new chip (including kernal patch) and merged base code. Continuous integrations and hardware verification were proceeded as well as the test for Dolby and HDCP certification by modified sound and video driver interface software.

Platform B

AVN (Audio-Video-Navigation)

Target: Designed, Implemented and tested Slave board, and Take control of the peripherals through CPU board


Calendar/Diary Application.

Target: Application implementation (Calendar and Diary) over UI framework and solved problems of customer reported issues.

calendar UI

Cross-platform Server and PC & mobile clients

Target: Implmented multi-thread cross-platform server and different type of clients in SDLC process.